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The club was founded in Rome on January 2nd, 1988; it implements its operational headquarters in Civita Castellana, that is situated 50 kilometers north of Rome, not far from Vallelunga race track and it has always been a place of passage of the Mille Miglia.
Civita Castellana is a town of Etruscan origins, with a significant historical past and it’s still famous throughout the world as a major Italian ceramic industrial hub.
This short historical and geographical notes are the frame of the activities of the club, that deals exclusively with Fiat Abarth Fiat "600" and "500". The letters TCR refers to the maximum version of the car derived from Fiat 600, which is the most prestigious and successful model on the world sporting scene ever. The version of "850 TC race and its ‘sisters' SS 595-695 BC" (which are derived from the Fiat 500), contribute to the record of victories achieved in 20 years of racing successes all over the world, from 1956 to 1976, and beyond.
The Club has met in his office more than 30 prestigious cars, representing all Fiat Abarth models that were created from 1955 to 1970; these cars are committed to spread everywhere the peerless racing history of the smallest cars, which Carlo Abarth has transformed in race cars that won many races all over the world.
In order to enhance and perpetuate the myth of the small Abarth, we have set up a "racing team" (that it’s called “Abarth TCR Team”) for participating to important dynamic memorial exhibitions, and we invite all the owners of these cars and both national and foreign Abarth Clubs to intervene.
The secretary of the club is always on hand to welcome accessions and to provide any kind of collaboration, information or any assistance in this matter.
We hope to meet with the appreciation and support of fans in this field!
We send a warm greeting to all and see you under the sign of "scorpion".

ABARTH TCR CLUB ITALIA                                          

Ulderico Paolelli - Via Rio Maggiore 4/a - 01033 Civita Castellana (VT) - C.F. PLLLRC44M25C765T

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